Water Surveys Botswana (Pty) Ltd has carried out many projects over the last 3 decades, which cannot be all mentioned here – thus only a few are listed below to illustrate the company’s experience and capability. In addition, projects deemed confidential are not listed here.

Water Surveys Botswana (Pty) Ltd is a Strategic Groundwater Partner to Debswana Diamond Company since 2007. As the Strategic Groundwater Partner, Water Surveys is responsible for offering technical guidance and services to Orapa, Letlhakane, Damtshaa and Jwaneng Diamond Mines on various water related aspects such as wellfield development, aquifer monitoring and management, mine pit dewatering and aquifer modelling.

Water Surveys Botswana carried out several groundwater investigations for Discovery Metals (Pty) Ltd at Boseto Copper Mine, from 2011 -2015. Work undertaken included groundwater investigation, mine dewatering studies, aquifer modelling and monitoring.

·         Water Utilities Corporation, 2014-2015. Masama-Makhujwane Groundwater Project, TB No. WUC 044 (2013). Drilling , construction, development & test pumping of 8 new and 22 replacement production boreholes to be connected to the North-South Carrier . Work included aquifer modelling to quantify the available groundwater resources.  The work was carried out for Water Utilities Corporation under the auspices of De Wet Drilling and CCC (Pty) Ltd.

·         A-Cap Letlhakane Uranium Mine Phase II Exploration Programme part of a larger multidisciplinary BFS: geophysical siting, preparation of drilling & testing terms of reference, supervision of contracting works interpretation of results. Client: Cardia Mining – 2010.

·         A-Cap Letlhakane Uranium Mine Phase I Desk Study to identify groundwater resources capable of supplying 3 Mm3/annum of process water for the proposed heap leach mine. Client: Cardia Mining – 2009.

·         A-CAP Letlhakane Uranium – mine dewatering and contaminant transport modelling, 2015.

·         Drilling and testing of 12 monitoring boreholes peripheral to the Botash wellfield. Client BotAsh 2009.

·         African Copper (Mowana Mine). Siting & drilling of replacement production boreholes in the mine welllfield and design of wellfield monitoring programme. Client – African Copper 2013.

·         African Copper (Mowana Mine). Exploration programme followed by the development of a wellfield supplying 2Mm3/annum to a newly developed heap leach copper mine near Dukwi. Scope of work included resource scenario modeling and contaminant transport modeling, establishment of monitoring network, application of water rights. Client – African Copper – Mowana Mine 2005-06.
Environmental Impact Assessment for Application for Surface Rights for Bushman Copper Project. Environmental issues examined included potential impacts on nationally important groundwater resources adjacent to the mine, socio-economic and landuse changes and mitigation measures to minimise negative impacts and optimise positive ones. Client – Messina Copper (African Copper plc).

·         Groundwater Investigation Study in the Bobonong Area – regional study to assess groundwater potential and resources in the Bobonong area including the drilling of 45 exploration & production boreholes, and computer modelling of the entire Tuli Sabi Basin.  Client – Department of Water Affairs 2009

·         Feasibility Study for the Development of a new Wellfield to supply De Beers AK06 (currently called Karowe) Mine. Exploration siting, drilling and testing (8 boreholes) together with modelling to provide sufficient groundwater for the mine. Client – De Beers – 2008.

·         Expansion of the Paje Wellfield for Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) – Regional study to investigate the area around Paje Wellfield and to site and drill 35 boreholes to supply the expected increase in water demand (2.5Mm3/annum) for the new Morupule B Power Station 2006 – 2007.  Client – BPC

·         National Water Master Plan Review, 2004-2006. A multi-disciplinary study to update and plan the development of the nation’s water resources for a planning horizon over the next thirty years. Water Surveys’ input covered the groundwater component (Volume 5) only. Client – Department of Water Affairs.

·         Exploration programme followed by the development of a wellfield supplying 2Mm3/annum to a newly developed heap leach copper mine near Dukwi.  Scope of work included resource scenario modeling and contaminant transport modeling, application for water rights. Client – African Copper – Mowana Mine, 2005-06.

·         Orange Senqu River Basin Management Plan, 2004. A multi-disciplinary study of the water resources of the whole river basin covering Lesotho, South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.  Client – GTZ & SADC. Water Surveys was responsible for the Botswana component of the river basin.

·         Groundwater Strategic Water Supply in Botswana, 2002. A detailed groundwater resource study of the Limpopo River Basin in Botswana. Client – International Water Management Institute in Pretoria.

·         Northwest Ngamiland TGLP Groundwater Potential Study, 2001-2003.  A multi-disciplinary groundwater exploration study to identify groundwater resources suitable for the establishment of cattle ranches.

·         Groundwater Resources Investigation in the Boteti Area, 2001- 2003. A regional multi-disciplinary project to identify and quantify groundwater resource in Central Botswana. Siting, drilling and testing of 50 exploration boreholes, construction of groundwater model and identification of areas for production borehole development. Production borehole programme was developed 2004-2005.

·         Maitengwe Wellfield Development and Resource Evaluation, 2001-2002. Development of a wellfield – borehole siting, drilling of 15 production boreholes, construction of groundwater model and development of resource management strategy to provide 9400m3/day to the villages of the North East District.

·         Hydrogeological Impact Assessment of Gweta Sewage Ponds, 2000/2001. Construction of 33 monitoring piezometers to identify areas suitable for the disposal of sewage effluent. Contaminant transport modelling. During course of the study, the Consultant identified previously unknown groundwater resource totalling some 7.2 Mm3/annum.

·         Groundwater Resource Evaluation of the North East District & Parts of the Neighbouring Central District, 1998-1999. A multi-disciplinary programme to identify groundwater resources suitable for development by a wellfield(s) within 10,000km2 project area with a view to meeting the region’s water demand calculated at 8500m3/day to the year 2020.

·         Botswana Power Corporation 1999-2002 & 2005-2008. Preparation of annual groundwater monitoring and pollution reports. Duties included updating of the groundwater model of Paje Wellfield using MODFLOW and identification of additional potential wellfield development areas or water supplies in the region.

·         1997 Rural Villages Water Supply Rehabilitation Programme – Borehole siting, drilling and test pump supervision of villages in the Central District including Sebina, Nshakashogwe, Makobo, Natale, Matsitama, Bodibeng, Tsau, Nokaneng, Foley and Gweta. Client DWA.

·         Dukwi Wellfield Extension and Resource Evaluation. Multi-disciplinary project including resource modelling, using Aqua software, of Mea Arkose aquifer to provide 2.4 x 106m3/annum. Project included siting and drilling of 9 wellfield production boreholes and long duration (90 day) pump tests. Client – DWA 1995-1996.

·         Protection Zones and Guidelines for Major Wellfields, Aquifers and Dams in Botswana, for the DWA, completed 1993. The project included aquifer modelling using Aqua and Flowpath software and the creation of protection zones for 13 aquifers and 3 dams nation-wide.

·         TGLP Middlepits/Makopong Groundwater Potential Investigation exploration drilling and test pumping programme for the Department of Geological Survey 1993-1995. A multi-disciplinary study which included remote sensing, geophysics (gravity, aeromag, TDEM), geobotany and hydrochemistry. Target aquifers were Kalahari/Ecca sandstones and fractures.

·         Vulnerability Mapping 1994/95 in co-operation with BGR for the DGS vulnerability mapping of four major villages including Kanye, Ramotswa, Serowe and Ghanzi.

·         Geophysical Groundwater Exploration Programme, Mangochi District, Malawi. Siting of 300 handpump borehole sites – Client GITEC Consult GMBH funded by Kfw. Programme extended by a further 200 sites.

·         Kibumba/Goma refugee camp water supply, Zaire/Democratic Republic of Congo – Client Oxfam/UNHCR.

·         Ngara refugee camp water supply Tanzania – Client Oxfam/UNHCR.

·         Borehole siting rural water supplies in  Zambezia Province, Zambia – Client Gauff Engineering.

·         Irrigation water supply Investigation Shere Valley Malawi – Client Lonhro.

·         Village Water Supply Project. Malawi – Client Safe the Children Fund.

·         Community Schools Water Supply Project, Malawi. – Client DFID.

·        Hydrogeological reconnaissance and borehole siting surveys, Chokwe District, Gaza Province, Mozambique – Client Oxfam GB.

·        Environmental Impact Assessment supporting surface rights application for new copper mine Client Becksham RSA.

·        Environmental Status Review of mining operations and properties of Messina Investments South Africa – Client Messina Investments.

·         EIA and water supply component in diamond mining feasibility study and development in Lesotho. Management planning and monitoring over 15 month period.


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